Entrepreneur C11 Visa

Entrepreneur C11 Visa

Entrepreneur C-11 Visa

For entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals aspiring to work in Canada and achieve permanent residency, the C11 entrepreneur work permit offers a potential pathway. Acquiring a work permit can serve as a stepping stone toward obtaining permanent residency status in Canada.

Overview of Entrepreneur C-11 Visa

Under Canada’s International Mobility Program (IMP), Canadian businesses can hire temporary foreign workers exempt from the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirement. The C11 program falls under this category and allows self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs to apply for a work permit.

Two Types of Eligible Employers for the Entrepreneur C-11 Visa

This visa is designed for two main types of individuals:

  1. Those seeking temporary entry based on entrepreneurial initiatives.
  2. Those pursuing a visa through the self-employed permanent residence plan.

Our expertise has facilitated many entrepreneurs’ smooth transition to Canada, enabling them to focus on their business development efforts.

Eligibility Criteria for C-11 Visa

To qualify for the Entrepreneur C-11 visa, you must establish the following:

Once the immigration officer is satisfied with your plan, your application for the Entrepreneur C-11 visa will be approved.

Qualification for C11 Work Permit

Eligibility for an Entrepreneur C-11 Visa goes beyond mere business ownership and includes several considerations:

Securing finances, devising a staffing plan, selecting a suitable location, building necessary infrastructure, and establishing a network of Canadian contacts are essential steps for a successful application.

Eligible Business Types for C11 Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneurs residing outside Canada’s primary residence or planning seasonal businesses are more likely to be approved for a C-11 Entrepreneur Visa.

Significant Benefit to Canada

Approval or rejection of a C11 work permit hinges on its “significant benefit to Canada” evaluation. The immigration officer assesses the proposed business, considering factors like:

Two-Stage Immigration with Entrepreneur C-11

It’s important to note that a C11 work permit doesn’t automatically guarantee permanent residency. The process involves two stages:

  1. Apply and receive approval for a C11 visa.
  2. Apply for permanent residency, meeting the following criteria:
Consulting experienced professionals is essential before applying for an entrepreneur C-11 Visa. is a trusted provider renowned for professional immigration solutions in Canada. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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