Skilled Worker – How to Apply

Skilled Worker – How to Apply

Applying as a Skilled Worker in Canada

For individuals seeking permanent residency in Canada, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) provides a pathway to achieve this goal. This program welcomes skilled workers, and even allows them to include their dependents in the application. The FSWP operates under the Express Entry selection system, streamlining the process of obtaining permanent residency. To navigate this process effectively, partnering with experienced immigration consultants is recommended. They can assist in crafting a strong application and optimizing your Express Entry profile to increase your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply.

Key Aspects of the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker program is determined by meeting certain minimum requirements. Notably, there is no requirement to have lived or worked in Canada. Even if you currently reside outside Canada, you can still fulfill eligibility criteria related to language proficiency and work experience. Data from past years indicates that a significant proportion of successful applicants have been selected for permanent residency through the FSWP.

The Significance of Express Entry

The FSWP falls within the trio of main economic immigration programs managed by the Express Entry Selection system. Under this system, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) identifies eligible candidates using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Points are allocated based on the information provided in the Express Entry profile submitted by the applicant. This profile serves as an Expression of Interest to settle in Canada permanently. All eligible candidates are entered into a pool of potential immigrants from the three primary federal immigration programs.

Confirming Eligibility

Before submitting your Express Entry profile, it’s essential to confirm your eligibility. Several factors play a role:

Using the FSW points grid can help gauge your eligibility and potential for entry into the Express Entry pool.

EducationMaximum 25 points
Language Skills supported by approved language testMaximum 28 points
Work ExperienceMaximum 15 points
AgeMaximum 12 points
Arranged EmploymentMaximum 10 points
AdaptabilityMaximum 10 points

To enter the Express Entry selection process, you need to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 based on the following factors:

Settling Funds for FSW Applicants

If you lack a valid job offer or arranged employment, proving the ability to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada is vital. A table outlines the necessary settlement funds based on the number of family members.

Number of family membersRequired funds (in CAD)
1 (single applicant)13213
2 members16449
3 members20222
4 members24553
5 members27847
6 members31407
7 members34967
Additional members3560

Applicants of the FSW program must prove their ability to arrange these funds upon receiving an Invitation to Apply.

Navigating the Application Process

Following these steps is essential for a successful FSW application:

  1. Assess your eligibility, focusing on language skills, work experience, and education.
  2. Gather essential documents, including a valid passport, Educational Credentials Assessment, and approved language test results.
  3. Create an Express Entry profile on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) portal. This entails submitting personal information and documents.
  4. Enhance your profile scores through strategic actions.
  5. Await the coveted Invitation to Apply.
  6. Submit the electronic application, including medical examination confirmation and police background checks.
  7. Canadian immigration authorities review your electronic application.
  8. Upon approval, you receive permanent resident status.
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